Why Use Basalt
Composite Material?

Basalt fibre-reinforced polymer (BFRP) material is a modern composite material based on basalt fibres and organic binder. Basalt is an inexhaustible mined rock which comprises 30% of the Earth’s crust. It is a stronger, more sustainable and cost efficient alternative to steel.

BFRP is the material of choice. It is an inorganic fibre with high-strength, high-temperature resistance, excellent stability and impressive chemical resistance. It is also a fully natural material that is eco-friendly and inexpensive.

Basalt rock
inexhaustible mine rock
Basalt Composite Material
Basalt fibre reinforced polymer (BFRP) material


Basalt fibre materials are up to three times stronger and six times lighter than steel

Basalt fibre thermal conductivity is 100x less than steel.

Low density of the material enables the building of higher structures as well as reduced transportation costs.

Basalt fibre products are an environmentally-friendly alternative to steel, with a carbon footprint 40 times lower than steel production.

Compared to steel, basalt filaments are much stronger for the same diameter – a fraction of the weight with more strength. BFRP is also impermeable to acids, alkalis and corrosion, with a service life of more than one hundred years.

These materials will never corrode, helping to prevent the cracking of cement when water seeps in to cement and freeze-thaw action takes place.

BFRP is the cost efficient choice as extensive and expensive repairs can be prevented by building with the correct materials. By using basalt rebar instead of steel reinforcements, a concrete wall will have a much longer lifespan – saving money, materials, labour and time.

Prevent ‘spalling’ – which splits large chunks of concrete apart – particularly near salt water. In exposed coastal areas, the corrosion of steel in cement is visible everywhere. Basalt fibres and reinforcements are the perfect solution to this problem.

BFRP is the present material of choice. It is an inorganic fiber with high-strength, high-temperature resistance, excellent stability and chemical resistance. It is a natural material that is eco-friendly and inexpensive.



DEVCO composite mesh is designed to replace conventional metal mesh used for reinforcement of various construction structures.


DEVCO bars are BFRP or GFRP reinforcing bars that are designed for the support of prestressed and non-prestressed construction structures and components.

Garden Materials

We offer a wide range of weather resistant, eco-friendly and long-lasting garden materials.


Composite dowels are used for fixing external insulation of various types of façade systems.